Packing List for Camp

Click Here for the Packing List PDF with further detail

_2 pairs of long pants
_3 pairs of shorts
_3 T-shirts
_1 windbreaker or sweatshirt
_2 long sleeve shirts
_1 jacket
_6 pairs of underwear
_6 pairs of socks
_2 sets of sleepwear
_1 pair of slippers
_1 pair of sandals (Tevas/flip-flops)
_1 swim suit (see clothing standard)
_1 or 2 pairs tennis shoes
_1 pair hiking boots/heeled shoes (for hiking & horseback riding)
_1 hat
_1 wash cloths
_1 pool/beach towel
_1 bath towels

_Flashlight/Extra batteries
_Personal Helmet (horse or bike)
_Fishing Equipment
_Insulated Sleeping Pad
_Outgrown riding boots or dram costumes to contribute to our
   collections are greatly appreciated

_Sleeping bag
_Extra blanket
_Pillow Case
_Bedding (single bed)
_Laundry bag
_Day Camp pack-For overnights & out trips (required)
_Water bottle

_Insect Repellant
_Chapstick (w/SPF)
_Soap (w/case)

Please DON’T bring
NO Cell phones/I-PODS
NO CD players/MP3 Players
NO Portable Gaming Devices
NO Laptops & DVD players
NO ALL techno devices
NO Expensive clothes
NO Expensive Jewelry
NO Weapons

Please remember that laundry is done once per week, and this list should include more than a week’s worth of clothes. Also, please label all items to help us keep losses to a minimum.

Providing a list of all items that your camper brings to camp is especially helpful when packing for the trip home.

These items are either available at the camp store, or are available for
use if necessary while at camp.

Dodasa Ranch will furnish towels and bedding to its international campers and staff.

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